• Amit Dhawal

    Founder | CEO | VFX Supervisor

  • Rohit Marble


  • Neetu Chandra


  • Edward Galvan

    VFX Supervisor

Amit Dhawal

Amit Dhawal

Amit Dhawal, Founder and CEO of Filaments Visual Effects LLC, has a proven entrepreneurship for over a decade. Apart from Filaments in USA, Amit leads Filaments Studios in Thailand and Filaments Visual Effects in India. Apart for the Studios, Amit spends a lot of his time training students at the leading Animation Academy called Frameboxx which has over 50 centers across India.

Amit has a fine arts and animation background. He contributes his creative talent at Filaments as a Creative Director and Visual Effects Supervisor. Prior to finishing 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' this year, Amit supervised several shots on 'Thor: The Dark World', '300: Rise of an Empire' and 'Maleficent'. Back in the year 2008, Amit played a key role as a in-house VFX supervisor on the Emmy award winner 'John Adams'. Amit's most acclaimed work was Disney's 'The Suite Life on Deck' where he lead a team of CG Artists to help them create a photo real cruise ship and ocean simulation. Amit enjoyed working with the kids on set and also encouraged them towards the art of Visual Effects and Animation.

In 2005, Amit was awarded a certificate from the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences (Emmy) for outstanding performance in 'The Triangle'. He worked as a senior compositor with award winning VFX supervisors Marc Wiegert and Volker Engel.

Amit started his career in 1996 with Disney's 'Absent Minded Professor' where he supervised the colorization of the entire feature film. Later, he worked on several other features including Pirates of the Caribbean (the trio), Mel Gibson's Apolcalypto, Racing Stripes, The Legend of Zorro, The Golden Compass etc.

Amit has spoken at various Seminars overseas on Visual Effects and Animation as a guest speaker. Filaments Visual Effects continues to grow bigger each year with Amit's contribution and his goal to serve his clients, the highest level of quality and comfort.

e-mail: amit@filaments.com

phone: +15625870317

Rohit Marble

Rohit Marble

Rohit Marble: CEO, has 22 years of experience in the Hollywood Home Ent. Industry. In the past, Rohit has helped produce thousands of Films and TV shows on Home Ent. platforms e.g., DVD, Blu-ray and digital download including iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, HULU and VOD. Some of the most complex projects he has accomplished are Star Wars, Titanic, Indiana Jones, Alien Anthology, Avatar, X-Men, Toy Story, Transformers and Iron Man. Rohit has deep knowledge of the full the Home Ent. supply chain which includes creative, technical and localization services. He has created a large network in the Hollywood film industry. He has strong relationships with major studios e.g., Fox, Paramount, Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. Rohit has successfully strengthen Filaments' operational process' including day-to-day production, communication, on-time delivery and security. Rohit continues to lead the business development initiatives, marketing strategies and client relations which is helping us grow as well as deliver a world class service to our clients worldwide. Rohit continues to leverage his background in managing operations which has helped us accomplish many challenging goals. He has been very successful in delivering extremely challenging 3D projects including Meleficent, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain America: Winter Solder, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek: Into The Dark. His rich mix of background includes operations, management, training, business development, technology and financials. He has improved operational efficiencies and productivity through ongoing process improvements, work instructions, quality control checklists and security improvements. He has established affective procedures/policies and continues to polish them with the help of our team. He has deep understanding of how to manage a critical project with challenging deadlines. Despite of all the production related challenges, Rohit continues to deliver a world class product without exceeding client’s budgets. Rohit's specialty areas are process improvement, operations, communication, solving problems, Home Ent. and creative technologies including Visual Effects, 3D Conversion, Animation, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Download, Content Creation and Localization. Being part of the Hollywood business culture for many years Rohit has acquired all essential knowledge of studio protocol. His knowledge is being utilized to focus on improving our production efficiencies as well as security process'. Rohit is extremely passionate about customer satisfaction. He is committed to delivering quality products with better, faster and cheaper business model in mind

e-mail: rohit.marble@filaments.com

phone: +8185224257

Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra, President/Partner is an Indian actress, producer and theatre artist. She is also an established classical dancer and an active sportsperson, involved in the promotion of basketball in the country through her close association with the NBA and Taekwondo, being a fourth Dan black-belt. She has her own production house named Champaran Talkies, winning the National Award for the film Mithila Makhaan. She debuted Hindi film industry in 2005 with Garam Masala in which she portrayed the role of Sweety, an air-hostess. She also acted in Godavari, a Telugu film, in 2006. In 2007 she appeared in Madhur Bhandarkar's film, Traffic Signal. In 2008, she had four releases, being directed by Dibakar Banerjee, Rahul Dholakia, Ashwini Dheer and Vikram. Her Tamil film, Yavarum Nalam with Madhavan, released in 2009, was declared a major hit. In 2010 she was seen in four Hindi films, Rann, Apartment, No Problem, in which she made a special appearance, and Sadiyaan, and one Tamil film, Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai. In 2011 Deswa, a Bhojpuri film which she produced and which was directed by her brother, is released. In 2013, she acted in the Tamil-language action film Ameerin Aadhi-Bhagavan alongside Jayam Ravi. She has completed filming for a Greek film Home Sweet Home,in which she plays an Indian girl. She had to learn Greek for the film and also dubbed herself. She has two Hindi films, Kusar Prasad Ka Bhoot and Shooter, coming up. Filaments is thrilled to have Neetu as part of the company and we look forward to growing the company together.

Edward Galvan

Edward Galvan

Edward Galvan has been in the Visual Effects industry for over 25 years. Ed started his career with Video Games, Independent Movies and Television shows. He then moved on to Visual Effects for Feature Films. Prior to joining Filaments as Visual Effects Supervisor, Ed had worked as a CG and Visual Effects supervisor for companies like Mattel, Wildbrain/Dreamworks, Warner Brothers Animation, Omation Studios and Fox/Saban. Over the years Ed has achieved high-level expertise in many areas of VFX and CG production. His contribution at Filaments include supervising several TV shows, Commercials and Feature Films e.g., G.I Joe, The Happening and Suite Life: The Movie. Other than the creative side of Visual Effects and Animation at Filaments, Ed plays a critical role in developing pipelines for Visual Effects and CG production. He is also a key asset in planning and setting up productions on an artistic as well as technical level. Ed's areas of expertise include 3D content creation, Match Move, Rotomation and 3D Animation. Disney’s Suite Life On Deck was one of his greatest accomplishments where Ed supervised a team to create the photo realistic cruise ship. Ed’s commitment for quality and attention to detail on each show makes Filaments stand out from the crowd as well as gives us a competitive edge in the VFX business. Filaments is thrilled and feel fortunate to have Ed in its team of talented artists. We look forward to working with Ed on many exciting projects.


e-mail: grace@filaments.com

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